Dipentene is a Racemic mixture of limonenes.

Dipentene (also called D-Limonene), is a terpene liquid found in various volatile oils such as cardamon, mace, nutmeg , turpentine oil. Dipentene is mainly composed of Limonene, beta-Phellandrene, Myrcene and other terpenes.

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Specific Gravity @ 25°C 0.850-0.860
Purity Min 90%
Color Colorless liquid
Odor Citrus, Lime & piney
Packing 200 kg barrels
Appearance Clear Colorless Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25°C 0.841-0.868
Odor Terpenic
Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.471-1.482
ASTM-Distillation °C
5% °C 165
95% °C 190
Composition by Weight (GC) % 93
  • Used as a solvent for resins, alkyds and waxes and to make paints, enamels, lacquers and polishes
  • Used as a perfumery composition for soaps, personal care products and cosmetics
  • Used as an intermediate for terpene resins, carvone, terylene, and rubber chemicals. It is used as an oils dispersant, metal dryer
  • Used as a substitute for chlorinated solvents in degreasing metals for cleaning in the electronic industry
  • Used as starting material for the synthesis of terpene resin. alpha-Limonene
  • Used as a gallstone solubilizer in pharmaceutical industry.